37 weeks old


Hello everyone! It’s Zimmerbaby. It’s official. I am out of room in here. If I can figure out how to detach myself from this cord and get out of here I think I’d like to find a new cave to live in. Perhaps one that is a bit roomier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and cozy and warm, but a baby has to able to stretch its legs. And that, my friends, I can no longer do.

Circle of Women

I recently sent out letters to close friends and family about this but I would like to extend it to anyone out there who is interested in participating.  Each week I find out about more people across the country and the globe that are reading the blog.  It’s so exciting to learn about new friends and old who are following along in our journey. 


I recently read about this in a book called Birthing from Within and I was immediately drawn to the idea.  The book described a tradition of gathering all of the women in your life together for a sort of “Mothering Ceremony” where a variety of positive, preparatory activities would take place, story sharing, prayer etc.  At the end each woman in attendance was given a candle to take home to be lit when the new mother went into labor.  The new mom would benefit from all of the love, strength and encouragement from her “circle of women” that would help her get through her labor.


I would love for you to light a candle when I go into labor as part of my circle of women.  I find the visual image of all the candles burning across the country strengthening, knowing that positive and encouraging thoughts will be coming my way.  I will make sure a post a quick note once labor has begun.   

Prenatal Home Visit

We had our pre-natal home visit Tuesday night.  Our Midwife Anita and assistant Amber (also our Bradley class teacher) came to the house for a pre-natal checkup.  My mom came too so she could meet them.  Why is our midwife coming to our house?  I haven’t really mentioned it directly before on the blog, but, we are planning a home birth.  There are many reasons we have chosen this route for the birth of Zimmerbaby that would take much longer than a blog post to explain.  It is a decision that we came to after A LOT of reading, research and discussion.  We feel this is the best route for our family and are looking forward to the experience.  The topic of home birth always brings up a plethora of questions.  I will post common questions and answers in a later post.  However I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have if you want to contact me directly.


Below Anita is checking the baby’s heart tones.  The fetoscope has two sets of ear parts so two people can listen at once.  Mom was able to hear the heartbeat too!

I knitted Comfort Shawls for Anita and Amber as a thank you for being a part of our pregnancy and birth.

The Nursery

Well, the nursery is nearly complete.  Our glider arrived yesterday and we finished up most of the details this weekend.  We still need to get a few more decorations for the walls but it’s in pretty good shape I think.  This is always my favorite post on baby blogs!  I love seeing the nursery when it’s finished.  I hope you enjoy it! We’ve worked hard.  Below is a high level shot so that more would fit in the frame.

Here is an eye level shot of the new glider.  It’s really comfortable!

Here is our dresser with the new circle mirors above.  On the right I have all the mom advice I got at my shower hanging on the wall!

Here is the crib and bookshelf.  The little rocking chair was mine when I was little.  The quilt was made for Zimmerbaby by Aaron’s mom, Janet.

This is the cradle in our bedroom.  The blanket was my all time favorite thing growing up.  I called it “Bear Blankie” though it doesn’t actually have any bears on it.  The teddy bear was Aaron’s as a child.  Don’t worry i’ll take it out before we put the baby in.

Now we just need a baby and we’ll be all set!

Work Shower

Last week was my work baby shower thrown by Elise & Amber my two fave work buddies!  Below are all of the yummy treats they brought.

We played a fun, creative memory candy game.  Lots of fun!

 All my gifts!

 Woo Hoo! Our crib bedding!

And our high chair thingy.

Bath tub!

Lainey, Amber’s daughter loved the tub.  She was showing me how it’s done.

The massive pile.  Everyone was extremely generous!

They also had a contest where everyone could guess the date, weight and sex of the baby.  The best guess wins a gift card!  Here are all of the entries on display in my cube.

We forgot to get a picture so we just took one in the street as we were all leaving.  Thank you ladies for throwing me such a great shower! Elise is on the left, Amber on the right. Lainey is in the car to the left screaming.


36 weeks old


 Howdy! It’s Zimmerbaby!  A big change has happened today.  I think I’ve fallen a little bit. All of the sudden I feel like I’m lower than I was before.  It’s like there was an earthquake and my cave moved down the hill a bit.  It’s very strange.  Stay tuned.  You never know what could happen next.

35 weeks old

Hello folks! Boy, I really seem to be running out of room in here. I can’t play my bounce game anymore. I can barely roll over. My cave has shrunk so much. I’ve also noticed something disturbing. Sometimes when I push my foot against the wall of my cave, it pushes back. I know, scary right! Well, at first I thought I was imagining things, but it keeps happening. It actually will follow my foot as I move it around the side of the wall. It’s like the wall of my cave is alive, or there is something on the other side of it. Hmm. Anyway, I was really freaked out about it at first but now it doesn’t bother me so much. I actually find it quite soothing for some reason.