Bradley Birth Class Reunion

Recently we attended our Bradley birth class reunion.  It was fun to see everyone and meet the babies.
Only four of the eight families made it.

Elijah loved staring at sll of the babies.

We put  them all on the floor for the classic baby picture.  It was so cute to see them all together on the floor.  Elijah is a month younger than the other babies and couldn’t roll much yet or grab his feet.  He just kind of laid there with his finger in his mouth not knowing what to think.

Harrison the baby one the left kept rolling over and reaching at Elijah. So cute.

This is the onesie cake I made for the occasion.



The Happy Cake

This really has nothing to do with Elijah but for those who are interested i’ve started a cake business and created a website/blog because I love making cakes so much.  I’ve decided to call it ‘The Happy Cake’ because the best part about making cakes is the happy people who receive them. I mean who doesn’t love cake afterall?  If you need a cake for a special event and your in the KC area let me know!


4 months old

Our big boy is four months old. He is all giggles and smiles. He is getting much better at reaching out and grabbing things. He still wants to be up and watching what’s going on all the time. He rolled over from his tummy to his back once and is REALLY close at rolling from back to tummy. Any day now. Enjoy the baby parade!






A Hard Day

Monday was my first official day back in the office and Elijah’s first day at daycare.  Leaving Elijah is never easy.  Leaving him with strangers was very difficult.  After going over all my instructions and making sure they were all set, I hugged him and kissed him for the 100th time and forced myself to just turn and walk away.  I didn’t want him to see me so upset.  With the help of great advice from friends, a supportive husband, a patient mother, an empathetic boss and a lot of kleenex, I made it through the day.  Elijah seemed to be completely content at day care, it’s me who will have to get used to it.  Here are some pictures from our first day.