My wonderful husband surprised me yesterday with a Snoogle! It is a really cool pillow in the shape of a ‘C’ that you lay inside. It curves around your body creating a little nest to sleep in. I’ve been using a body pillow but it always falls off the bed (or I subconsciously kick it off) in the middle of the night. The Snoogle can’t really fall off if you’re laying in the middle of it.  Thank you Aaron!!!!

23 week belly pic

Here is the belly at 23 weeks. This post is a bit late as we are technically now into the 24 week but whatever. I’m starting to be able to sense the baby’s position a bit more now. I can feel definite harder spots around my stomach. I just can’t tell what I’m feeling. Could be a head, a butt, a foot, who knows! I know I say this a lot, but, I continue to be shocked each week at the amount this little one moves. It is kicking harder and more frequently all the time. I am definitely enjoying this stage of pregnancy.

23 weeks old


Hi Everyone! Zimmerbaby here.  A number of exciting things have been happening around here lately. Despite being a bit cramped here in my cave I’ve noticed that it seems to move occasionally throughout the day.  Especially in the morning.  I’ll be sleeping peacefully, next thing I know I’m sloshing around for a good 20 minutes and there is a loud continuous sound like a wide belt on some sort of track.  In other news, I’ve begun to notice strange voices that are coming from somewhere outside of my cage.  One is nice and soothing, with pleasing tones that are drawn out and make me want to rock and sway.  Other times I hear a loud harsh one that goes, ruf, ruf.  I wish I could figure out what they are and where they are coming from. 

“You have a package at the front desk”

Talk about making someone’s day!  It’s Wednesday at 1:30 and I’m sitting at my desk, grumpy because my back is hurting.  My phone rings and the receptionist says, “You have a package up front.”  Not expecting any shipments I try to guess what it might be.  The thought crossed my mind at how neat it would be to get flowers, a thought I never think when they tell me I have a package.  But knowing it is not my birthday, my anniversary or Valentine’s Day I immediately dismissed the thought as “boy wouldn’t that be nice”.  I seriously never considered that it actually could be.  So I walk up to the front, don’t see the flowers and just look around for a box or a package.  The receptionist points to the flowers and I gasp! For me!!!  Oh my goodness!  There is nothing like the feeling you get when you unexpectedly receive flowers for no reason at all.  The card reads… Thinking about you and Zimmerbaby.  Love Janet & Guy.  I have the best in-laws ever!  Thank you so much for making my day. 

22 week belly pic

Here’s the belly at 22 weeks.  A new development this week, a very faint dark line is starting to appear down the center of the bump.  I’ve read that some women get it but I thought it would have appeared by now.  I guess not.  You can’t really see it from this picture but i’m guessing in the next few weeks it will get darker.  Stay tuned. 



22 weeks old

I there, it’s Zimmerbaby.  I’m going well this week.  I find my self wanting to move all the time.  I wiggle, flip, roll, punch and kick.  It’s all I can do to keep occupied.  There’s not alot to do in here.  Luckily I know I won’t fall out because i’m attached to a big long cord through my belly.  I noticed kind of a funny feeling in my gums.  Almost as if there are little seeds growing in them.  I hope they don’t sprout, yikes!

Zimmerbaby’s Playlist

So we’ve heard that baby’s can hear sounds at this point in their growth and that music can be soothing and beneficial during development.  So every once in a while we put the head phones (we conveniently have a broken pair) on the tummy and let the baby enjoy.  It’s been several weeks since we’ve done it and this time it moved around like crazy!  Aaron of course made the playlist consisting of Beethoven, Mozart, Bill Evans, Samuel Barber, Debussy, Bach and Gershwin.

21 week belly pic

Here we are at 21 weeks.  I’ve been getting comments at work all week about how it looks like I swallowed a pumpkin overnight.  So I guess i’m getting bigger.  It is hard to tell a difference from day to day for me.  I’ve decided to change it up and add a bare belly shot this week.  I’ve held off until now partially because of modesty but mostly because pregnant tummies aren’t very pretty to look at until they are much bigger.  In the beginning they just look fat. Seriously.  So now that things are rounding out nicely, I figured, why not!  If this is too much for you, don’t scroll down.

And here’s the front shot.

21 weeks old

Hi there, it’s Zimmerbaby. I call this my thinking pose.  I noticed this week a patch of hair growing above my eyes.  It’s kind of a thin long patch and appears to stop growing at the end of my eye.  Isn’t that strange?  Other than that I’m just continuing to grow and kick in my ever shrinking cave.

Walls painted

We worked hard to paint the nursery over Christmas break.  Here is the final product.  Three green walls and one brown.  Below is the crib all put together, ok almost, the drawer at the bottom still needs work.  Clearly things are still a bit bare but we’re off to a great start!