Family Time

These are a few family pics taken by the birch tree trunk in the Zimmerman’s front yard.  For every celebration, graduations, dances, birthdays etc they have taken pictures in front of the birch tree.  The old tree died this year and will be cut down soon.  This was the only opportunity to get a picture of Zimmerbaby in front of the birch tree, which prompted the photo shoot.  Notice Plato at the bottom.  That was pure luck that he happened to turn his head much less hold still.


A comment was made during the taking of this photo that went something like this…”Next year you’ll be holding Zimmerbaby and the dog will be in the back yard.”  It’s a common theme these days. Don’t worry Plato we’ll still love you!


I have been able to do a ton of maternity clothes shopping this week thanks to Aaron’s gracious parents.  It is rather difficult to try to predict what you will look like with a great big belly.  I found myself just wanting to pick out clothes that will fit me now and not so much 3 months from now.  Luckily everyone (yes I had an audience of 7) chimed in when something looked too small for someone with a belly.  The best store was Baby Gap because they have a big fake belly you can use to try clothes on.  It really helped as you can see below.  

Aaron’s comment after seeing this picture… “I doubt your belly will get that big.”  I immediately showed him pictures of pregnant women at 40 weeks. Just you wait! 🙂

Gifts, gifts and more gifts!

This is Katy.  Aaron and I are in Bowling Green, Ohio this week spending Thanksgiving with his family.  And boy have we been showered with gifts!  The biggest and best is this cradle.  You can’t see it very well because it is covered in gifts.  This cradle was made by Aaron’s dad’s grandpa for Aaron when he was a baby.  His name was Harry Raymond from Guy’s (Aaron’s Dad) mom’s side of the family.  So it was Aaron’s Great Grandpa and he would be Zimmerbaby’s Great Great Grandpa.  Pretty cool huh?  It is beautiful and is in great shape.  It was used for Aaron, both of his sisters and a few cousins as well.  I’m sure it will hold many more Zimmerbaby’s in they years ahead.

As you can see it is loaded with all kinds of fun stuff.  There are several blankets made for Aaron as as baby from grandmother’s and friends.  Clothes Aaron wore as a baby and toddler and other goodies too.  I’ve pulled a few favorites out in pictures below.


This is Aaron’s first Teddy Bear.

 This is a sweater knitted by Aaron’s Grandma Zimmerman for him as a baby.  It was his favorite thing in the lot.  Best part, it zips up the back!

This is Aaron’s first Michigan t-shirt.  It is so cute! Doesn’t it just scream the 80’s?

These are knitted gifts from Janet, Aaron’s mom.  A toy ball and snowman cap.  Adorable.

 Janet also made these little socks.  You can’t tell from this picture but they are quite small.  It is so hard to imagine that in about 6 months there will be little feet to fill these socks.


Thank you so much for all of the new and nostalgic gifts.  We love them and are immensly grateful.

15 weeks old

Hello, this is Zimmerbaby.  Since I’ve started growing my arms and legs have been the same length growing at the same rate.  But this week my legs have taken off and seem to be stretching.  They are much longer now than my arms have been.  This is a little disconcerting.  I hope they stop soon.  Additionally i’ve begun to notice brightness.  My whole life so far everything has been dark.  But now i’m starting to notice brightness at certain points throughout the day.  It’s like my cave just lights up and is brighter.  It’s alarming and fascinating at the same time.

14 week belly pic


Hi this is Katy.  Here is the latest shot of the belly at 14 weeks.  It’s amazing how quickly it is growing.  I am still squeezing into the regular clothes with the help of a Bella Band (thank goodness for whoever invented those!).   However it is seriously time to shop for maternity clothes.  I’m looking forward to shopping in Ohio next week. 

14 weeks old

Zimmerbaby here! I’m 14 weeks old this week. You know those wiggley finger sticks I told you about last week? I decided to stick one in my mouth they other day. Just to see what it was like. They are actually quite fun to suck on. Especially the short fat one. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do. In other news, it seems that I am sprouting little whisps all over. I first noticed them on my arm but realized they are sprouting everywhere. There seems to be a much larger concentration of it on the top of my head which I can now reach up and touch.

Gifts from Hayley

Hi this Katy. I’m going to throw in a few blogs here from time to time.  I hung out with my long time BF Hayley Saturday night.  She surprised me with presents.  Cute little onesies and a fuzzy blanket.  Thanks Hayley!!!

13 weeks old

Zimmermbaby here…2nd trimester here I come!  I’ve noticed something curious this week, my head is shrinking.  At least, I think it is.  Up until now my head has been about half the size of my body.  But now it’s only about a third.  And now that I think about it, I think my cozy room here is shrinking too.  It seems like I have less room to move around than I did before. Hmmmm.