Prepping for the Birth

This baby will hopefully be here any day now. Around 38 weeks we got our birth tub! So we decided to give it a trial run to make sure the cover fit, pump worked, etc. Elijah was fascinated.

He wanted to get in with me and then quickly wanted back out. The tub is very deep. It seems deeper than the tub I used for Elijah’s birth. This one has a seat too and a cup holder! Fancy!

Big Boy Bed

We recently switched Elijah to a big boy bed, kind of by accident. It was so easy. I was sure it would be a much bigger deal than it was. We had been planning to wait a few months after the baby came to make the big switch. While we were at Babies R Us he saw this bed and it was love at first sight! “Bed, Elijah, Home”. He really liked climbing on to it. So the next time we went we bought it. He got to pick out the sheet color, blue of course, which does not match the room at all, oh well. So we brought the box home and he kept talking about it. So Aaron built it and we put it in his room next to his crib to see what he thought. He loved it! We could hardly get him to eat dinner that night. He just wanted to go “Night Night”. So we moved the crib out and he couldn’t have been happier about his new bed. He insists on having all of these items with him in bed, Dinosaur, Thomas, Monkey, Blanket, Elmo, Books, water, pillow, blue blankie and green blankie. It’s surprising that there is room for him.

Our bedtime routine the first night in his big boy bed.

Climbing in to the chair by himself. It was actually nearly dark in the room but with the flash it looks very bright.

We usually read a book at this point. I guess we didn’t get a photo of that.

Then we sing, Aaron plays the guitar. We mix it up from time to time, but his favorites are “You are my sunshine”, “Smile” and “Twinkle Twinkle”.

I love moments like this. He rarely lets me hold him this way anymore.

Climbing into bed.

We have developed a very specific routine that we cannot, under any circumstance, deviate from. First hugs and kisses for everyone in the room, including Plato.

Then everyone in the room must rub his back.

Then we cover his toes and tuck him in. Everyone has to help tuck.

And that’s it! The first night he sat up, not quite sure what to do, but he quickly laid back down and went to sleep.

We eventually had to turn the bed around. He was used to sleeping with his head at what would be the foot of this bed and continued that trend in this new bed. Because of that, he fell out of bed a few times. Since we’ve turned the bed around, no falling yet! Anytime someone new comes to the house, he likes to show them his new “Big Boy” bed. 🙂

Fun with Family

We’ve had family in town for the past few weeks to help when I go into labor, which has not happened yet.   Here are a few pics of the fun Elijah has been having with them.

Having fun with Aunt Rachael (or Shushel, as Elijah calls her) and Grandma Janet.


Elijah sandwich!


I love that they are here to play with him. I’m definitely no fun these days. This giant belly is quite limiting physically.



My mom was here for a little over a week too!


Grandpa Guy was here over the weekend. Here he and Elijah are in matching outfits, so cute! Elijah started saying “Grandpa Guy” or “Grandpapapa Guy” this weekend. Before it was always just “Guy”.

35 Weeks

We try to take advantage of date nights when we have family in town to watch Elijah. So around 35 weeks we headed out to see the final Harry Potter movie.  I was actually very uncomfortable the entire time, though the movie was great! Something about the angle of the chair did not agree with my back. I decided that I’d have to wait until after the baby comes before I go out to the movies again.

Aaron’s 28th Birthday

For Aaron’s birthday Elijah helped me make a gluten free cherry pie. (He actually prefers pie to cake, which is a nice change).



For his birthday we got him a bike trailer so he and Elijah can go on bike rides together.  Looking fashionably safe in their helmets.


Getting loaded in


Off we go…

It took a few tries for him to get used to it but now he loves going on bike rides with daddy.