6 weeks old

This is what I look like at 6 weeks, again a stock photo. My nose mouth and ears are starting to grow.  The black spots are my eyes.  My heart is beating and my internal organs are starting to form.  I am about the size of a lentil bean.  I’m starting to look much more like a baby and less like a lizard.  Mom is doing well and has most of the normal symptoms you would expect.  The secret thing is becoming more difficult.  Grandma Rene already figured it out and so we’ll be telling Grandpa Larry tonight.  I can’t wait to meet them!

4 weeks old

This is what I look like at 4 weeks old.  Pretty cool huh? No this isn’t me, it is a stock photo. I have a head and a tail, which is weird, and a backbone.  My heart is growing and it’s already beating!  Not much is changing with mom yet.  She is thirsty alot and trying to eat all kinds of healthy foods so I get all my vitamins.

Two very important lines

These are two very important lines.  Why you ask?  Because the prove that I exist.  Hello!  I’m Zimmerbaby.  I am about 4 weeks old (Technically only 2 but they add on an extra 2 at the beginning, not sure why).   I’ve just been hanging out, dividing my cells again and again, swimming through some tubes and growing more everyday waiting for mom and dad to learn about me.  On Monday morning, September 8th they did.  Well sort of.  They took at test that showed a very, very faint 2nd line.  So they weren’t quite sure.  The next day the line was darker and second test confirmed it for sure.   We’re thinking my birthday will be around May 17th but we won’t know for sure until the first doc appt on October 2nd.  So we’ll see!

Most of you won’t read this until several weeks from now, assuming mom can keep her mouth shut.  Secrets are very hard for her, so is patience.  The chances aren’t good.  None the less, I want to chronicle all of the fun stuff that happens at the beginning so you can go back and read it when you find out.  Call me crazy but I think it’s fun!