A winning costume!

Happy Halloween!  Mom’s work had a costume contest and she won Most Original Costume as a jar of Prego pasta sauce.  Her boss Dave won Best Overall Costume.  He dressed as Kenny (a random white trash dude). Mom decided to make the announcement at work with this costume.  Not everyone got it at first, but it was still fun!

11 week pics

So i’m seriously considering baby modeling.  I think i’m getting pretty good at it. See for yourself, they took 3 shots this time! Here I am at 11 weeks.  I was moving around and bouncing again this time.  I just love an audience. My heart beat was a super fast 171 which is probably the fastest it will ever get.

Here I am waving at the camera showing off my new arm.

And while it’s hard to tell in this one, these are my legs.

11 weeks old

Hi There!  I’m 11 weeks old this week.  I am just over an inch and a half long and growing rapidly.  I’m kicking and bouncing all over the place.  I have tiny tooth buds starting to form and soon i’ll be able to make fists with my hands.  Just one more week and i’ll be through my first trimester! Woo hoo!

10 week pic

Here I am at 10 weeks old.  I have grown a lot since my first photo below.  I’m way bigger than the little bean I looked like below, and that image was zoomed in.  Mom and dad had fun seeing me this time because I was moving all over the place.  I even jumped really high at one point.  I thought i’d put on a good show for them.

Traveling baby

Having only been around for 10 weeks i’ve been keeping pretty busy.  Here are some pictures of places i’ve been going with my parents.

Here I am at a Chiefs game with Grandma Rene and Grandpa Larry.  This was when there was still hope for a decent season.

I went to see Les Miserables at Starlight Theatre with mom’s friends.  It was the first cold September day. Brrrr!

I went to a birthday slumber party for Mom. I already love brownies!

I went to the Sprint Center to see So You Think You Can Dance with friends and Aunt Rachael.

And I went to the Kansas City Obama rally.  It was a long wait but a fun and memorable day.

Mom and dad waiting for the speeches to begin and passing the time with a game of Fill or Bust.

Barack Obama talking to me and 75,000 other people.
Dad got a really close shot of Obama at the end talking to the crowd.

This is the Obama rally gang, Aunt Rachael, Dad, Sarah and Dustin Crowley, Mom and me!

Sharing happy news!

Mom and dad have been busy sharing the news about me.  Below is a picture of the night mom told her BF Carrie before the So You Think You Can Dance concert (Go Twitch!)  It was a fun night and a fun chance to share the happy news.

Below is a picture of the night mom told more girlfriends.  The gathering was supposed to involve pumpkin carving but talking and eating were the priority.  So mom decided to draw on her pumpkin and she wrote the words ‘I’m Pregnant’.  When it was her turn to share what’s new in her life she turned the pumpkin around and everyone screamed!   It was so much fun!

Hopefully soon mom’s belly will be the size of that pumpkin!

Frequently asked questions

As more and more friends and family find out about me many of the same questions come up.  So here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers.


Were you trying?



When are you due?

May 20, 2009


Will you find out the sex?

This is by far the most commonly asked question and it is usually the first.  The answer is no, mom and dad have decided to wait.


Have you picked out names?

Mom and Dad agreed on a girl’s name years ago but have yet to agree on a boy’s.  (For the record, I like mom’s pick best.) Either way I think it will be kept a secret.


How are you (Katy) feeling?

For the most part, she’s feeling good.  There are occasional days of uneasiness or dizziness.  Anytime mom drinks juice, especially orange juice it tends to make us sick.  No idea why.  Other than that, so far so good.


Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?

Mom is convinced that I’m a boy.  But you’ll all just have to wait.

10 weeks old


Happy 10 weeks to me!  I am now over an inch long about the size of a kumquat.  Has anyone ever actually eaten a kumquat?  It’s kind of fun to say, kumquat, kumquat.  Anyway, I’m continuing to grow.  My fingernails are forming this week, my wrists and knees can bend now and I’m kicking a lot though mom can’t feel me yet.  I’m going with sketches of me now because the stock photos are starting to get freaky looking. 


Aunt Emily sent a package in the mail for mom and dad and it arrived yesterday.  It’s a willow tree figurine called “Cherish”.  Mom LOVES willow tree and was so excited to receive it.  In all the excitement of being pregnant she forgot how much she always looked forward to being able to have this figurine someday.  It was a wonderful surprise and mom absolutely loves it!  Thank you Aunt Emily!!!

Surprising News

Over homecoming weekend at Graceland, mom, dad and I headed up to Lamoni to see the Zimmerman side of the family.  Aunt Rachael danced at the football game and we hung out at Jack and Jolie’s most of the afternoon.  It proved to be a great opportunity to share the happy news.  Grandma Janet and Grandpa Guy were very happy.  Mom and Dad gave Gma Janet a book with baby knitting patterns, it took her a second to realize that they were for her new grandbaby!  She was thrilled!  Above is a picture of when mom told Aunt Rachael.  They acted like they were taking a picture then mom leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You’re going to be an aunt!”.  This was the face that followed.  Aunt Emily wasn’t at homecoming this year but she got to find out first over the phone.  I can’t wait to meet you Aunt Emily!  Soon we’ll get to share the news with my great grandparents. I can’t wait!