Shedd Aquarium

Bank of America and The Shedd Aquarium offer free weekends to B of A members each month so we took a trip to the city to see the fish.  Elijah really only cared about the penguins and walking around.  The highlight of the trip for him was walking up the stair case.  The kid loves to walk.  We had fun getting out of the house and doing something different.  Here we all are in front of the big fish tank with Elijah’s little stuffed penguin.


Halloween in Bowling Green

We spent Halloween weekend in Bowling Green this year.  Here are three generations of Zimmerman boys in their Michigan gear!


Elijah and Daddy







Unfortunately, Elijah was sick and so Trick-or-Treating was short lived. He adamantly refused to wear his monkey hat.  This adorable monkey suit was custom made with love by master seam-stress Grandma Janet.



Me and my little monkey



The first house we went to.


Elijah loved carrying this little pumpkin bucket around. He did not like it when someone put candy in it. He would sit the bucket down and take each piece out one by one and hand it to me to carry.  The monkey hat, that he refused to wear turned out to be an excellent candy holder.


We only made it to two houses before the melt down. Here he is with his Elijah pumpkin cookie.


Big bite


Sharing with Grandpa


Thomas the Train pumpkin


Darth Pumpkin


My 30th Birthday in BG

Now that we are in Chicago we are only 4 hours away from BG. So we visit a lot.  We decided to go in September for my birthday and the annual Black Swamp Festival.  Here I am blowing out all 30 candles on my very own birthday cake, made by Janet.

My Birthday in BG

Walking around Black Swamp

My Birthday in BG

Playing the drums

My Birthday in BG

Hanging pipe xylophone

My Birthday in BG

He loves guitars, especially when daddy plays.  He was very exited to find one his own size.

My Birthday in BG

Playing by the birch tree

My Birthday in BG

I swear we dress him in more than Michigan and Chiefs clothes.  He just wears them on weekends a lot and that’s when we tend to take the most pictures.

My Birthday in BG

My Birthday in BG

Showing support for our new hometown team.

My Birthday in BG

My Birthday in BG

KC Fall Trip

Elijah and I visited my parents again in late October. This is me and my little man before I left for the wedding. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from the wedding. 🙁


Elijah and I went to visit one of my BFF’s Carrie and her little girls.  Elijah and Emerson playing in the leaves.


Emerson and Easton (in the swing) while Elijah climbed the stairs. He loves to climb on everything.


Crunching leaves, so fun.


Bathtime dance!


Elijah and Great Grandpa Alan playing with the world.


I believe his hand is somewhere near Tahiti!


Hoyt Visit

Elijah and I took a quick trip to the Quad cities to visit one of my BFF’s Katie and her family.  I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures but we had a lot of fun. They have so many toys. Elijah was in heaven!Hoyt Visit

Tristan on the John Deere with matching t-shirt of course!

Hoyt Visit

We went apple picking on an unseasonably warm fall day.

Hoyt Visit

Carl and Carter watching football. Carter was very helpful with Elijah.  All of her boys are so sweet. I can’t wait to go back when we can stay longer.

Hoyt Visit