11 months old

And now for the well overdue 11 month pictures.  I think i’ve been putting them off because I don’t want to this to be my last under one year post.  After this my baby will be one year old – sigh.  Actually in 2 weeks he’ll be one.  I am surprised at how sentimental I am about it.  Why don’t we want our kids to grow older?  I’ve enjoyed all of his milestones so far. I just can’t shake the desire to keep him small so I can rock him in my arms forever.

He has done so many exciting things this month.  He learned to wave.  He claps and rolls his hands to the “clapping” song.  He throws his arms up in the air when you ask how big the baby is “SO BIG”.  He plays peek-a-boo by pulling a blanket over his own head.  He is cruising around the furniture and has learned how to take off his own diaper. Enjoy the pictures!


Before the big move I had a chance to hang out with a few friends and their kids.  Elijah and I went to play at my friend Carrody’s house.  Some how I ended up only taking a picture of this.  Yep, that’s a toy gun.  Why do boys love guns? I don’t get it?

We also went to visit my friend Carrie and her daughter’s Emerson (below) and Easton whom I didn’t get a picture of :(.  Elijah loved all of the new toys to check out but Emerson was a bit leery and kept a watchful eye on him. 🙂

Daddy Snuggle Time

These pictures are a little old but too adorable not to post.  They were taken in Lee’s Summit right before Aaron headed out for Chicago.  Elijah is not a big snuggler (much to my dismay) unless he’s sleepy so moments like this are precious.

Video Monitor

We recently purchased a video monitor for Elijah’s room and get a kick out of watching him sleep.  It is more interesting than you would think to watch what your baby does in the crib.

Nap time usually starts out like this.  Standing sitting, standing sitting over and over again.

Eventually he lies down.  With blankie and pacifier in tow. Sometimes he sleeps on his side like this, but usually it is on his stomach some how.  He used to hate to be on his stomach as a teeny baby but now he loves it!

Sometimes he sleeps is funny positions like on his knees.

Or with one knee tucked under and an arm sticking out.

And sometimes he refuses to sleep and tries to sit up as long as possible until he falls asleep sitting up and ends up doubled over like this.

We’ve Moved!

Sorry for the long absence, but we’ve been busy moving to Chicago!  I didn’t want to post anything about the move because I was home alone with Elijah for a few weeks.  Back in December, at a funeral Aaron was chatting with his cousin and the job topic came up.  Long story short he got him an interview, and Aaron ended up getting a job in Chicago.  So we packed up the house, put it on the market and headed to Chicago.  It really happened that fast. We actually live in a suburb on the edge of the city called Oak Park.  It still has an urban feel to it but it also is more suburbany than some of the neighborhoods closer to the city.  There are tons of families with kids who live here.  It’s perfect!  I’ll post more pictures of the town soon.

Here is the family on top of our building.  It has a great view. You can see the city line far in the background.

Elijah and I snuggling.

Babies first trip to Julius Meinl (a fabulous Austrian cafe). I’m holding a sugar packet with the logo on it.

Elijah’s first Easter.  He was very fussy and refused to explore his Easter basket without me.

Oooh, an egg!

Since I always post pictures of Elijah looking jolly and happy, I thought I’d throw in a unhappy picture.  He is a baby after all.

And lastly, this is what we see most of the time these days. Now that he is a crawling pro, he gets into everything!

More pictures of Oak Park soon!