Prenatal Home Visit

We had our pre-natal home visit Tuesday night.  Our Midwife Anita and assistant Amber (also our Bradley class teacher) came to the house for a pre-natal checkup.  My mom came too so she could meet them.  Why is our midwife coming to our house?  I haven’t really mentioned it directly before on the blog, but, we are planning a home birth.  There are many reasons we have chosen this route for the birth of Zimmerbaby that would take much longer than a blog post to explain.  It is a decision that we came to after A LOT of reading, research and discussion.  We feel this is the best route for our family and are looking forward to the experience.  The topic of home birth always brings up a plethora of questions.  I will post common questions and answers in a later post.  However I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have if you want to contact me directly.


Below Anita is checking the baby’s heart tones.  The fetoscope has two sets of ear parts so two people can listen at once.  Mom was able to hear the heartbeat too!

I knitted Comfort Shawls for Anita and Amber as a thank you for being a part of our pregnancy and birth.

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