Circle of Women

I recently sent out letters to close friends and family about this but I would like to extend it to anyone out there who is interested in participating.  Each week I find out about more people across the country and the globe that are reading the blog.  It’s so exciting to learn about new friends and old who are following along in our journey. 


I recently read about this in a book called Birthing from Within and I was immediately drawn to the idea.  The book described a tradition of gathering all of the women in your life together for a sort of “Mothering Ceremony” where a variety of positive, preparatory activities would take place, story sharing, prayer etc.  At the end each woman in attendance was given a candle to take home to be lit when the new mother went into labor.  The new mom would benefit from all of the love, strength and encouragement from her “circle of women” that would help her get through her labor.


I would love for you to light a candle when I go into labor as part of my circle of women.  I find the visual image of all the candles burning across the country strengthening, knowing that positive and encouraging thoughts will be coming my way.  I will make sure a post a quick note once labor has begun.   

3 thoughts on “Circle of Women

  1. katy, i think this is amazing and beautiful. i want to read more about this and will continue to send you loving thoughts…especially during labor 🙂

  2. It occurs to me you might have some men out there who will want to light candles as well as you go through labor. 😀

  3. Katy I would love to pray, support and light a candle for you when labor has begun~what a great idea! How exciting you are at the “any day now” phase! You will do great and I can’t wait to hear about your labor experience. All my love.

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