Visit with Friends

Our Oak Park neighbors came to visit our new house. Elijah loves baby Kennedy. He is so curious about her and such a helpful boy. He will be a great big brother!


Buddies Jackson and Elijah eating lunch in the new house. Check out all of those boxes!


Enjoying the new house

I don’t have any pics of the move but here we are all moved into our home in Naperville.  We are enjoying the extra space, the garage and the backyard! Elijah loves to imitate Aaron fixing things with his tools. Anytime he finds a screw he runs over to this gate (which has several open screw holes) and tries to fit them in. I think a tool set will be in order for his birthday!


Elijah would live outside if he could. He always wants to go out, never wants to come in.


Having fun with golf balls.



Remember our dog Plato? Yep he’s still around. I think he likes the backyard too!


Don’t mind if I do…


Watching basketball with Daddy.


Basketball is his new favorite game. It’s the perfect game for toddlers, putting a ball through a hoop, BRILLIANT!


So we got him his own little mini hoop and ball. LOVES it!



We moved out of our town home in Oak Park in March and into a house in Naperville! Elijah and Jackson had fun playing in the boxes all over the house as we packed. Worst part about leaving Oak Park…moving away from our AWESOME neighbors. 🙁



Megan’s Birthday

We celebrated Megan Selle’s birthday in March.  Aaron’s second cousin Aaron and his wife Megan have two boys. The oldest Jack below loves Thomas too! He has just about every Thomas train character you can imagine.  Elijah had a blast and Jack was great at sharing his toys. I didn’t seem to get a photo of their youngest, Andrew.



This is the cake I made for Megan, red velvet. Mmmm  Jack thought these were green worms on the cake and thereafter referred to it as “the cake with worms”. So cute!