Work Shower

Last week was my work baby shower thrown by Elise & Amber my two fave work buddies!  Below are all of the yummy treats they brought.

We played a fun, creative memory candy game.  Lots of fun!

 All my gifts!

 Woo Hoo! Our crib bedding!

And our high chair thingy.

Bath tub!

Lainey, Amber’s daughter loved the tub.  She was showing me how it’s done.

The massive pile.  Everyone was extremely generous!

They also had a contest where everyone could guess the date, weight and sex of the baby.  The best guess wins a gift card!  Here are all of the entries on display in my cube.

We forgot to get a picture so we just took one in the street as we were all leaving.  Thank you ladies for throwing me such a great shower! Elise is on the left, Amber on the right. Lainey is in the car to the left screaming.


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