20 week pics

We had our 20 week ultra sound today.  It was all good news.  The placenta is where it should be and the baby looked great.  All the measurements were good.  There are 2 hands, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, 4 heart chambers, a brain, a stomach and all the other important parts one should have.  Below you can see the baby looking at the camera if you will.  It moved so much she had a hard time following it around.  We wanted a profile shot but the little one would not cooperate.

Here are the two little feet side by side.  It was very cute to see them like this.

Today was my mom’s birthday so we brought her along to see the sonogram. I’ll have a video to post soon of the sonogram from her handy new HD video recorder.

Christmas Gifts

Zimmerbaby was very fortunate this Christmas.  We got our travel system (stroller & carrier) from Grandpa Larry and Grandma Rene.  Here is Aaron below putting it together.

I swear I took a picture of the stroller put together but it is not on my camera.  So this one will have to suffice.

We also received our Pack N Play from Grandma Janet and Grandpa Guy.

This badboy is fancy!  It has two levels, a canopy, a changing table and it vibrates and plays music.

Zimmerbaby is lucky to have such generous grandparents.  Thank you so much!!!

19 week belly pic

Here we are at 19 weeks!  The baby is moving and kicking like crazy. Up until this point it has still only felt like a tickle.  Early Christmas morning, the dog woke both of us up at 4am.  I laid there for a while trying to sleep when all of the sudden I felt some serious kicking!  I grabbed Aaron’s hand and he was able to feel the baby move for the first time.  It was a great Christmas present.

19 weeks old

Hello and Happy Holidays from Zimmerbaby.  This post is a bit late but it covers last week when I was 19 weeks old.  I’ve noticed this week that my skin seems to be covered in a strange white substance.  It reminds me of paste or lotion and makes me look kind of funny.  I’ve also noticed that I am able to hear strange noises.  Sometimes i’ll hear a voice or two talking.  Other times i’ll hear tones and beats that are quite soothing and pleasant.  Apparently I can also put my leg over my head now as you can see in this week’s odd drawing.

18 week belly pic

And here is the belly at 18 weeks.  I’ve been able to  wear my longer non-pregnancy shirts for most of the pregnancy so far but several of them are not cutting it any more.  I’m able to wear some of my maternity shirts now even though there still a bit roomy.  Maternity pants however are a must!


The Crib

We bought a crib on Sunday.  We were not planning to do this so early.  In fact it isn’t even the one we registered for.  However a crib presented itself through friends who run an ebay company in our neighborhood.  They randomly got a chocolate brown crib in from JCP very similar to the one we registered for and were selling it for much less than the one we registered for.  So we bought a crib.  Here are some pictures of the installation process.  As you can see I (Katy) was a very integral part of this process.





Plato was a big help.  He sat laid on all the trash to make sure it didn’t go anywhere.

Stay tuned for a pic of the final product!

The Nursery

We have started working on the nursery. And of course that process begins with the bedding selection.  I am very, very picky and had a really hard time finding something neutral (since we won’t know what sex the baby is) that I like.  I actually really like this bedding.  The colors and patterns are exactly what I was looking for with the exception of the giant monkey heads. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with giant monkeys.  And as far as monkeys go this one is cute.  None-the-less I am a simpleton and I plan to downplay the whole monkey theme a bit.

Here is the bedding shown in a crib.  Notice that the quilt is double sided!  I think we’ll be utilizing the striped side more often.
This is the bedding all laid out.  That rolled up thing is the bumper which is also double-sided!

This is a close up of the sheet pattern so you can see the dots.  This is actually the changing pad cover. See cute simple dots. No monkeys!


This is a great example of someone who embraced the monkeys.  Needless to say we will not be doing this. 



18 weeks old

Hello folks! Zimmerbaby here.  I am now 18 weeks old.  My cave continues to shrink but honestly I’m starting to get used to it.  In other news, I’ve discovered that I can flex my arms and legs.  I can squeeze them and release and they will do all kinds of things that I want them to do.  Like poking and kicking.  I’m very good at poking and kicking the walls. 

An itchy baby

I read in one of my books that you can start to feel the baby move anywhere between 16 and 20 weeks.  So since about 15 and a half i’ve been trying to hold still throughout the day to see if I could feel anything moving.  But it is hard to know if you’ve felt something when you have no idea what to expect.  Any little movement at all I questioned.  I figured anything that wasn’t consistently happening over and over again was probably  not the baby moving.  I’ve asked my girlfriends what it feels like.  Most describe little flutters like a butterfly is in your stomach.  Well last Wednesday, I was sitting in bed holding still to see if I could feel the baby move.  After a while I felt a very faint tickle sensation.  Then it happened again, and again.  Like someone was ever so lightly tickling my stomach from the inside.  A big smile appeared across my face as I realized that this was in fact what it felt like to have  a baby move in your stomach.  It is by far the coolest thing that has happened yet.  The funny part is that i’d felt the same sensation for a week prior.  I just didn’t realize that it was the baby moving.  I felt like my stomach kept itching in the middle.  All week I was scratchiing an itch that kept coming back.  Who knew the itch was the baby.  Now that I recognize the feeling, I notice it all the time, usually when I sit down or after I eat.   It is truyly amazing.

17 week belly pic

The belly continues to grow bigger this week.  We had our monthly appointment on Monday and so far everything looks good.  We heard the baby’s heartbeat and heard it kick a few times.  It really likes to kick.  More on that later… The doctor said the baby is growing well.  We are looking forward to our 20 week ultra sound on December 29th.