Random Phone Pictures

The majority of the photos of Elijah have been taken with my new Palm Pre phone lately.  I’m always trying to catch him looking cute to send to Aaron or the Grandmothers.

Here we are enjoying the Bumbo chair.  He really likes it because he can sit up and look around.  He is usually not happy unless he is in an upright position so that he has full view of everything going on in the room.


This one was right after he rolled over for the first time!  Out of nowhere he flipped from his tummy to his back.  He is really close to rolling over from back to tummy.  Amazing!


More Bumbo time!

Diggin the nice cold teether ring.  He is getting better and better had reaching and holding on to things. It’s so cute.

A Sad Day

imagesSadly today is my last day of maternity leave. I’ve been working part-time from home for over two months now. But today it officially ends. Monday, I will take Elijah to day care for the first time. I am looking forward to being in the office again among adults. I really do enjoy my job. But being away from him for an entire day…it will be so hard. I am grateful that I was able to stay home with him this long, I just wish it could be forever.   Monday will be a sad day. 🙁

3 Months Old

It’s hard to believe that my little guy is three months old already.  He just gets more fun by the day.  He smiles and coos and laughs and laughs.  Don’t get me wrong, he does plenty of crying too!  But that smiling face is such a joy to see everyday.

The outtakes this time were too cute not to post.  Enjoy!




Cake for Kyle

In case you haven’t noticed the trend, I’ve started making cakes.  It just makes me happy.  I made a cake for my friend Jill’s boyfriend Kyle who graduated from Chiropractic school this week.  The hat is made out of cake too!  More updates on Elijah soon I promise!


Kyle and his cake!

Elijah Tree

We planted an Elijah tree this week in my parents back yard.  Below Aaron is digging up the tree to replant in the new location.


Digging the hole.

Grandpa Guy holding the tree.  This is actually the best picture we have of it.

Elijah and I watching everyone else sweat and do hard work.

The grandpa’s working hard to plant the tree.

And here we are in front of it.  You can’t really see the little tree behind us but it’s there!


Grandma Janet’s 50th Birthday Party

Grandma Janet (Aaron’s Mom) was in KC this week so we threw her a surprise birthday party.  She turns 50 this month.

Here she is opening her Emerald pendant we gave her. (Elijah’s birthstone)


Here is the best picture we have of Elijah and Great Aunt Jolie.  We did a poor job of photographing this event.

Elijah and cousin April with the magic touch to make him fall asleep.

And here is the birthday cake I made her.  Not bad for my 4th cake eh?

Happy 50th Birthday Grandma Janet!!!