35 Weeks

We try to take advantage of date nights when we have family in town to watch Elijah. So around 35 weeks we headed out to see the final Harry Potter movie.  I was actually very uncomfortable the entire time, though the movie was great! Something about the angle of the chair did not agree with my back. I decided that I’d have to wait until after the baby comes before I go out to the movies again.

11 week belly pic

I’m actually 13 weeks now but this photo was taken at 11 weeks.  I’m a bit behind in my posting.  There will be no bare belly shots this time around. I have no idea what I was thinking last time. Even I don’t want to see that.


For comparison’s sake, here is my 12 week belly shot when I was pregnant with Elijah. Significantly smaller.


37 week belly pic

We’re hangin in there at 37 weeks. My belly feels so heavy. You can tell in the head on shot how crooked my belly is. The baby spends most of its time on my right. It’s little foot pokes my upper right side all day long. It’s awesome!

34 week belly pic

Here we are at 34 weeks. Lots of moving and hiccups going on. I got to hold my friends teeny little 3 week old baby this weekend. She’s only 6ish pounds. It was so interesting to me to feel her movements and how similar they are to Zimmerbaby’s. Their movements are very soft and graceful. It was so cool.

33 week belly pic

Here we are at 33 weeks. Getting closer. The photography process each week is kind of fun. My friend and co-worker Elise takes my pictures each week, usually on Friday. There is an art form involved in belly shots. Especially when your subject is picky. She is so thoughtful always making sure the belly looks good. For the first half of the pregnancy our focus was always making the belly look “bigger”. Now it’s making me not look gigantic. I’ll try to remember to put a picture of her in the post next week. I thought I’d throw in the out take of me laughing at something funny she said this week just for fun.

32 week belly pic

Sorry for the late post this week. Here we are at 32 weeks. I don’t have too much to report. Other than lots of Braxton Hicks contractions not much is happening. The baby’s movements are so strong now. I can see it rolling around in my stomach from time to time. I’m getting really excited to the meet the little one.