The Nursery

Well, the nursery is nearly complete.  Our glider arrived yesterday and we finished up most of the details this weekend.  We still need to get a few more decorations for the walls but it’s in pretty good shape I think.  This is always my favorite post on baby blogs!  I love seeing the nursery when it’s finished.  I hope you enjoy it! We’ve worked hard.  Below is a high level shot so that more would fit in the frame.

Here is an eye level shot of the new glider.  It’s really comfortable!

Here is our dresser with the new circle mirors above.  On the right I have all the mom advice I got at my shower hanging on the wall!

Here is the crib and bookshelf.  The little rocking chair was mine when I was little.  The quilt was made for Zimmerbaby by Aaron’s mom, Janet.

This is the cradle in our bedroom.  The blanket was my all time favorite thing growing up.  I called it “Bear Blankie” though it doesn’t actually have any bears on it.  The teddy bear was Aaron’s as a child.  Don’t worry i’ll take it out before we put the baby in.

Now we just need a baby and we’ll be all set!

Baby Room Dresser

We put our dresser together this weekend. I actually helped with this one. It took about 2 hours. Plato helped too! He chewed on the dowel rods, walked all over the directions and fell asleep on the screws. We’re pretty happy with the way it turned out. The room is really coming together. We just need a chair and some decorations.

Walls painted

We worked hard to paint the nursery over Christmas break.  Here is the final product.  Three green walls and one brown.  Below is the crib all put together, ok almost, the drawer at the bottom still needs work.  Clearly things are still a bit bare but we’re off to a great start!

The Crib

We bought a crib on Sunday.  We were not planning to do this so early.  In fact it isn’t even the one we registered for.  However a crib presented itself through friends who run an ebay company in our neighborhood.  They randomly got a chocolate brown crib in from JCP very similar to the one we registered for and were selling it for much less than the one we registered for.  So we bought a crib.  Here are some pictures of the installation process.  As you can see I (Katy) was a very integral part of this process.





Plato was a big help.  He sat laid on all the trash to make sure it didn’t go anywhere.

Stay tuned for a pic of the final product!

The Nursery

We have started working on the nursery. And of course that process begins with the bedding selection.  I am very, very picky and had a really hard time finding something neutral (since we won’t know what sex the baby is) that I like.  I actually really like this bedding.  The colors and patterns are exactly what I was looking for with the exception of the giant monkey heads. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with giant monkeys.  And as far as monkeys go this one is cute.  None-the-less I am a simpleton and I plan to downplay the whole monkey theme a bit.

Here is the bedding shown in a crib.  Notice that the quilt is double sided!  I think we’ll be utilizing the striped side more often.
This is the bedding all laid out.  That rolled up thing is the bumper which is also double-sided!

This is a close up of the sheet pattern so you can see the dots.  This is actually the changing pad cover. See cute simple dots. No monkeys!


This is a great example of someone who embraced the monkeys.  Needless to say we will not be doing this.