Last Fling

The weekend before Oliver arrived we headed out to Naperville’s Last Fling festival. Fellow G-landers will understand why I kept referring to it as Final Fling. Aaron, Elijah, Janet, Guy, and me and my jumbo belly headed out to the kids area of the festival.

Elijah, Janet and I rode on a fun little train. Elijah was very serious and quiet the whole ride but afterwards kept asking to ride it again.

Janet took Elijah to the petting zoo area.


This was in the percussion petting zoo. There were all kinds of fun noise makers to play with. It was quite loud.

Fascinated by the bubble machine.

Waiting our turn at the toddler bounce house.


So much fun!

ZB2 Ultrasound

We had our 20 week ultrasound this past weekend for Zimmerbaby #2. Technically I was 22 weeks. Aaron and his mom Janet came along. While waiting in the waiting room we considered a last minute change of mind on finding out the sex, but decided to keep it a surprise in the end. There are 10 fingers and 10 toes, so we are thrilled! Below is a profile pic showing the lips and nose very clearly.  The little bubble below the chin is an arm/hand.


Another profile shot, again the bubble is a hand/arm.  The baby kept the hands and legs up by the head the whole time.


I loved this one. It’s hard to see but at the bottom of the black space you can see baby looking straight at you. There’s a nose and lips.


Arm and fingers. So cute!


I just loved seeing the baby this way. He/she moved around so much! If you’re curious what Elijah’s ultrasound pics looked like at 20 weeks click here.

11 week belly pic

I’m actually 13 weeks now but this photo was taken at 11 weeks.  I’m a bit behind in my posting.  There will be no bare belly shots this time around. I have no idea what I was thinking last time. Even I don’t want to see that.


For comparison’s sake, here is my 12 week belly shot when I was pregnant with Elijah. Significantly smaller.


Big Brother to Be

That’s right! Elijah is going to be a big brother!

Answers to common questions…

When is the baby due? Late August 2011 (I’m 12 weeks along)

Will you find out the sex? Nope, we like the surprise

How old will Elijah be? (2.5 yrs)

How are you feeling? Great! I have been blessed with easy first trimesters

Was this planned or a surprise? Surprise