An itchy baby

I read in one of my books that you can start to feel the baby move anywhere between 16 and 20 weeks.  So since about 15 and a half i’ve been trying to hold still throughout the day to see if I could feel anything moving.  But it is hard to know if you’ve felt something when you have no idea what to expect.  Any little movement at all I questioned.  I figured anything that wasn’t consistently happening over and over again was probably  not the baby moving.  I’ve asked my girlfriends what it feels like.  Most describe little flutters like a butterfly is in your stomach.  Well last Wednesday, I was sitting in bed holding still to see if I could feel the baby move.  After a while I felt a very faint tickle sensation.  Then it happened again, and again.  Like someone was ever so lightly tickling my stomach from the inside.  A big smile appeared across my face as I realized that this was in fact what it felt like to have  a baby move in your stomach.  It is by far the coolest thing that has happened yet.  The funny part is that i’d felt the same sensation for a week prior.  I just didn’t realize that it was the baby moving.  I felt like my stomach kept itching in the middle.  All week I was scratchiing an itch that kept coming back.  Who knew the itch was the baby.  Now that I recognize the feeling, I notice it all the time, usually when I sit down or after I eat.   It is truyly amazing.

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