Big Brother to Be

That’s right! Elijah is going to be a big brother!

Answers to common questions…

When is the baby due? Late August 2011 (I’m 12 weeks along)

Will you find out the sex? Nope, we like the surprise

How old will Elijah be? (2.5 yrs)

How are you feeling? Great! I have been blessed with easy first trimesters

Was this planned or a surprise? Surprise


18 week belly pic

And here is the belly at 18 weeks.  I’ve been able to  wear my longer non-pregnancy shirts for most of the pregnancy so far but several of them are not cutting it any more.  I’m able to wear some of my maternity shirts now even though there still a bit roomy.  Maternity pants however are a must!


16 weeks old

Hello! It’s Zimmerbaby.  I’m 16 weeks old this week.  My cave seems to be shrinking at an even faster rate than before.  It’s weird, almost overnight things got a lot tighter in here.  Another new development, hard flat discs are growing out from the ends of my toes.  I can’t imagine what good those will do me.  They sure do look funny.  And by the way, despite the way it looks, I am not praying in this weeks picture.

15 weeks old

Hello, this is Zimmerbaby.  Since I’ve started growing my arms and legs have been the same length growing at the same rate.  But this week my legs have taken off and seem to be stretching.  They are much longer now than my arms have been.  This is a little disconcerting.  I hope they stop soon.  Additionally i’ve begun to notice brightness.  My whole life so far everything has been dark.  But now i’m starting to notice brightness at certain points throughout the day.  It’s like my cave just lights up and is brighter.  It’s alarming and fascinating at the same time.

12 weeks old

I’ve been around now for 12 whole weeks, ok technically 10 but who’s counting.  Pretty cool huh?  The neatest things are happening this week.  I have these little wiggly sticks at the end of my arms that are starting to move.  I think i’ll call them fingers.  Until recently I couldn’t do anythin special with them but now, they move and wiggle!  I have similar sticks at the ends of my feet that I can now curl under.  It’s very exciting.

12 week pics

I’m starting to notice a pattern emerging. Every week or so i’m just resting peacefully in my cozy little black sack home and all of the sudden i’m awoken suddenly by this bump. Like someone is trying to break in to my home. It’s like a giant wand is moving across my home from one side to the other. One minute it’s on one side then all of the sudden its on the other side. I almost feel like i’m being watched. Frequently a faint beeping sound accompanies this experience. After about 20 minutes or so it’s over and I can rest peacefully once again.


A winning costume!

Happy Halloween!  Mom’s work had a costume contest and she won Most Original Costume as a jar of Prego pasta sauce.  Her boss Dave won Best Overall Costume.  He dressed as Kenny (a random white trash dude). Mom decided to make the announcement at work with this costume.  Not everyone got it at first, but it was still fun!

11 week pics

So i’m seriously considering baby modeling.  I think i’m getting pretty good at it. See for yourself, they took 3 shots this time! Here I am at 11 weeks.  I was moving around and bouncing again this time.  I just love an audience. My heart beat was a super fast 171 which is probably the fastest it will ever get.

Here I am waving at the camera showing off my new arm.

And while it’s hard to tell in this one, these are my legs.

11 weeks old

Hi There!  I’m 11 weeks old this week.  I am just over an inch and a half long and growing rapidly.  I’m kicking and bouncing all over the place.  I have tiny tooth buds starting to form and soon i’ll be able to make fists with my hands.  Just one more week and i’ll be through my first trimester! Woo hoo!