Family Time

These are a few family pics taken by the birch tree trunk in the Zimmerman’s front yard.  For every celebration, graduations, dances, birthdays etc they have taken pictures in front of the birch tree.  The old tree died this year and will be cut down soon.  This was the only opportunity to get a picture of Zimmerbaby in front of the birch tree, which prompted the photo shoot.  Notice Plato at the bottom.  That was pure luck that he happened to turn his head much less hold still.


A comment was made during the taking of this photo that went something like this…”Next year you’ll be holding Zimmerbaby and the dog will be in the back yard.”  It’s a common theme these days. Don’t worry Plato we’ll still love you!

One thought on “Family Time

  1. Or it’ll go something like, traveling with a dog is a pain in the butt so you’ll have him kenneled… Just kidding (kind of!) Love you Phoebes!

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