Traveling baby

Having only been around for 10 weeks i’ve been keeping pretty busy.  Here are some pictures of places i’ve been going with my parents.

Here I am at a Chiefs game with Grandma Rene and Grandpa Larry.  This was when there was still hope for a decent season.

I went to see Les Miserables at Starlight Theatre with mom’s friends.  It was the first cold September day. Brrrr!

I went to a birthday slumber party for Mom. I already love brownies!

I went to the Sprint Center to see So You Think You Can Dance with friends and Aunt Rachael.

And I went to the Kansas City Obama rally.  It was a long wait but a fun and memorable day.

Mom and dad waiting for the speeches to begin and passing the time with a game of Fill or Bust.

Barack Obama talking to me and 75,000 other people.
Dad got a really close shot of Obama at the end talking to the crowd.

This is the Obama rally gang, Aunt Rachael, Dad, Sarah and Dustin Crowley, Mom and me!

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