Frequently asked questions

As more and more friends and family find out about me many of the same questions come up.  So here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers.


Were you trying?



When are you due?

May 20, 2009


Will you find out the sex?

This is by far the most commonly asked question and it is usually the first.  The answer is no, mom and dad have decided to wait.


Have you picked out names?

Mom and Dad agreed on a girl’s name years ago but have yet to agree on a boy’s.  (For the record, I like mom’s pick best.) Either way I think it will be kept a secret.


How are you (Katy) feeling?

For the most part, she’s feeling good.  There are occasional days of uneasiness or dizziness.  Anytime mom drinks juice, especially orange juice it tends to make us sick.  No idea why.  Other than that, so far so good.


Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?

Mom is convinced that I’m a boy.  But you’ll all just have to wait.

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