And here are a few random pictures we took over the summer.  Below a particularly messy but oh so fun spaghetti dinner.

Spaghetti Face

Fun in the laundry basket. (Yes, he is wearing a sailor suit)

Laundry Basket

He always crosses his legs when in the high chair eating. I think it is so cute so I snapped a quick pic. I could just eat those toes!

Cute Feet

Best Buds

Elijah has a buddy, his name is Jackson and he lives next door.  They get to do all kinds of fun things together.  Jackson is two months younger than Elijah.

This is Jackson and his parents Kelin and Brett.

Jackson came to spend the day with us recently.  Here the boys are having breakfast.  (Katie, I got the idea of facing them together from you with the twins.)

Elijah sharing (or reaching for Jackson’s breakfast 🙂

Playtime on the table of fun!

They have so much fun together!


Elijah is loving dogs these days.  He LOVES to touch Plato when he’ll let him get close enough, which doesn’t happen often.  This is usually what happens.  Plato is lying peacefully…

…Elijah moves in and the dog takes off.  Poor thing.  Everywhere we go, if he sees a dog he says Dog-ah, Dog-ah.