Random but cute

Here are a few random pics from my phone.

Oliver has opted for his fingers instead of a pacifier.

On our big drive home from KC we stopped for lattes and gave Elijah his first water latte. 

Aaron’s company SWC threw a swanky holiday party again this year in downtown Chicago.  I was a bit reluctant to leave Oliver alone overnight at 3 months old but we all survived and had fun.

Fortunately for me, Aaron works with his 2nd cousin Aaron Selle so I have a friend to talk to at the party, his wife Megan!

Matching PJ’s!!

Random Old Photos

I found our old digital camera that had a bunch of random photos on it. Below, Plato is lying on my belly when I was pregnant with Elijah.


Elijah and my Grandpa Alan.


Elijah and my grandma Gladys.


Sleeping on Grandma Rene while she’s on a conference call.


Rachael and I at the So You Think You Can Dance Tour at the Sprint Center! I believe this was September 2009.


Elijah getting a sink bath on his first ski trip in Colorado in January 2010.



Ski trip crew, Rachael, Alex, Mark, Guy and Aaron.


At his first World Conference with Grandpa Larry in April 2010.


Elijah and I with my Uncle John’s urn in the temple.



Elijah and my Aunt Sharon.


With Great Grandpa Alan.


Team Grandpa!



And here are a few random pictures we took over the summer.  Below a particularly messy but oh so fun spaghetti dinner.

Spaghetti Face

Fun in the laundry basket. (Yes, he is wearing a sailor suit)

Laundry Basket

He always crosses his legs when in the high chair eating. I think it is so cute so I snapped a quick pic. I could just eat those toes!

Cute Feet