We’ve Moved!

Sorry for the long absence, but we’ve been busy moving to Chicago!  I didn’t want to post anything about the move because I was home alone with Elijah for a few weeks.  Back in December, at a funeral Aaron was chatting with his cousin and the job topic came up.  Long story short he got him an interview, and Aaron ended up getting a job in Chicago.  So we packed up the house, put it on the market and headed to Chicago.  It really happened that fast. We actually live in a suburb on the edge of the city called Oak Park.  It still has an urban feel to it but it also is more suburbany than some of the neighborhoods closer to the city.  There are tons of families with kids who live here.  It’s perfect!  I’ll post more pictures of the town soon.

Here is the family on top of our building.  It has a great view. You can see the city line far in the background.

Elijah and I snuggling.

Babies first trip to Julius Meinl (a fabulous Austrian cafe). I’m holding a sugar packet with the logo on it.

Elijah’s first Easter.  He was very fussy and refused to explore his Easter basket without me.

Oooh, an egg!

Since I always post pictures of Elijah looking jolly and happy, I thought I’d throw in a unhappy picture.  He is a baby after all.

And lastly, this is what we see most of the time these days. Now that he is a crawling pro, he gets into everything!

More pictures of Oak Park soon!

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