Babie’s R Us

This past weekend we registered at Babies R US in order to give our family some options for Christmas presents (hint, hint).  It was an entourage yet again!  Attendees included Me, Aaron, my BF Carrie Wood, Aaron’s sister Rachael and my brother’s friend John who works at Babies R Us.  It was quite humorous.  A lady actually commented on how many people I had with me.  It was so helpful having advice from Carrie, mother of an adorable 1 year old.  Rachael was a big help pushing the cart, taking photos (which is why she isn’t in any of them) and crossing things off the list.

Here we are filling out paperwork.

Filling out paperwork

Carrie is demonstrating how to open and close the stroller.


Here Carrie and I are ooing and awing at the maternity pillows that are available.  They have a big ‘C’ shaped one that you can lay inside.  I’m normally a stomach sleeper so this whole sleeping on your side thing has been rough.  I’ve often said to Aaron how i’d like to bulid myself a giant curved pillow to sleep in the middle of. Who knew they actually made one!?  However, it was insanely expensive so i’ll be sticking with my body pillow on loan from Carrie.

Picking out Boppy’s.

Scanning the Pack-n-play.

Thanks to Carrie & Rachael and John for all of their help.

Bouncy Walls

Hi It’s Zimmerbaby again.  Today i’ve discovered that the walls of my home are nice and bouncy…so i’ve been entertaining myself by pushing as hard as I can on the wall and then… is really fun.

17 weeks old

Hi, It’s Zimmerbaby.  Things are going well but continue to get smaller in here.  I mean really small.  The rate at which it is shrinking seems to be increasing these days. Sometimes I worry that I might run out of room. Also, I haven’t talked about it before but there is a long squishy tube coming out of my tummy that is connected to the wall.  I’ve noticed it is starting to get thicker and more robust.

16 week belly pic

Hurray!  The day has finally come!  I officially look pregnant. At least I think I do.  For those who have never been through this experience you won’t understand why this is so exciting.  But to all the moms out there, I know you will appreciate  it.  I can’t tell you how many comments I got on Monday at work about the size of my belly.  It was so cool!  I swear it doubled in size from Sunday to Monday.  I’m so excited to feel the baby move.  It hasn’t happened yet and I know it is still early but I’ve read flutters can be felt as early at 16 weeks though for first timers it is usually more like 20 weeks.  Grrrr I am so impatient!

16 weeks old

Hello! It’s Zimmerbaby.  I’m 16 weeks old this week.  My cave seems to be shrinking at an even faster rate than before.  It’s weird, almost overnight things got a lot tighter in here.  Another new development, hard flat discs are growing out from the ends of my toes.  I can’t imagine what good those will do me.  They sure do look funny.  And by the way, despite the way it looks, I am not praying in this weeks picture.

Dinner with Melissa

On Saturday night Aaron and I met up with my friend Melissa and her new boyfriend for dinner.  We had a blast catching up and getting to know the new guy, (love him by the way!)  Melissa lives in Chicago but we actually met when we both lived in Ohio.  Melissa gave us a cute little Christmas bib and a box of yummy Buckeyes!  Thanks M&M it was great to see you!