Christmas in Michigan

This holiday season we headed up to Saginaw, Michigan to Aaron’s grandparents home.

Oliver spent lots of time with cousin April. She was the baby whisperer and could always get him to fall asleep.

Grandpa Guy snuggling with little Oliver. He too has the magic baby sleep touch!

Elijah is ready to eat dinner after the Christmas Eve service.

Grandpa Guy and his little guys.

Getting the milk, cookies and carrots ready for Santa and the reindeer.

My little Santa baby…so sweet.

Christmas morning!

I adore this photo of Oliver.

Family Christmas

We celebrated our little family Christmas on a Saturday in December. Elijah’s eyes gleamed at all of the presents he had to open. We started a tradition with him last year that we plan to continue with both boys in the future. Something to wear, something to read, something he wants, something to read.   It helps set a limit for us and limits excess.  He already has so many toys as it is.

Elijah opening his first gift, little Oliver watching from his chair.

Something to read, Les Ouefs Vert Au Jambon. They say this age is ideal for language learning, so we are gently introducing French.

Something he wants…doesn’t quite cover it. This was the highlight of his day. The kid loves Cars!

Something to wear…Slippers! We all have warm and cozy feet this winter. I highly recommend L.L.Bean slippers, plus they ship for free!

After the present opening fun we made a gingerbread man. Thanks Trader Joes!

Random but cute

Here are a few random pics from my phone.

Oliver has opted for his fingers instead of a pacifier.

On our big drive home from KC we stopped for lattes and gave Elijah his first water latte. 

Aaron’s company SWC threw a swanky holiday party again this year in downtown Chicago.  I was a bit reluctant to leave Oliver alone overnight at 3 months old but we all survived and had fun.

Fortunately for me, Aaron works with his 2nd cousin Aaron Selle so I have a friend to talk to at the party, his wife Megan!

Matching PJ’s!!

60th Anniversary Concert

My grandparents, Alan and Gladys Tyree, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in November.  60 years. That’s double of my entire lifetime. Wow.

In lieu of a big party they, being of like musical minds and talents, decided to put on a concert for friends, family and anyone who wanted to come.  It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon at the stone church. I love that Elijah and Oliver were able to see it, though Oliver slept through most of it. 🙂

Aaron’s grandparents, Carol and Jack Ergo came down too. Elijah and Oliver, the first set of grand kids on both sides with their Great Grandparents.

Oliver with Aunt Rachael and soon-to-be Uncle Tyler

Oliver and Great Grandpa Alan

Elijah and Great Grandpa Jack

I love this photo. Grandma Janet holding Oliver with Elijah and Grandpa Guy in the background.


A Kansas City Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving in Kansas City with my family this year.

Elijah was beyond excited. This was the morning we left. He grabbed his backpack and announced that he was “ready to go” as soon as he woke up.

It was wonderful to see family again. We played musical Oliver.

  Mary & Kevin had baby Hayden a month or so after Oliver was born. So we had a little baby party.


Elijah hangin with Daddy.

Fall Fun in Bowling Green

We took a weekend trip to Bowling Green in November. It was hard to believe we hadn’t been there since New Years.

Elijah had lots of fun playing in the leaves with Grandma and Grandpa.

We visited a children’s garden.

City park has a great playground. He could have stayed all afternoon.

Oliver met his great grandma Carol and great grandpa Jack for the first time. They brought a present for Elijah and Daddy, matching workmen’s gloves.

First sink bath

Adoring grandparents.