Are strangers nicer to pregnant women?

Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but Aaron and I have noticed over the last week we have had one extraordinary customer service experience after another.  It’s almost shocking.  People have been so nice.  It got us thinking…what is different, why would everyone be so nice? Could it be the belly?  Are people really that much nicer to pregnant women, or perhaps in my case REALLY pregnant women.  I didn’t really notice it so much earlier on in the pregnancy.  Mamas chime in.  Were strangers nicer to you when you were pregnant?

Girlfriends Shower

My amazing girlfriends threw me the a wonderful baby shower this weekend.
The lovely hostesses, Katie, Carrie and Nicole (aka The Fish).

They bought me a special photo album for all of my shower pictures to go in.  Everyone who attended signed a special note in the front.

Oh how I wanted a mimosa.  But the punch was delicious!

The baby and the beautiful cake.  Seriously, how cool is this cake?!  Duff would be proud.

Everyone decorated a onesie or burp cloth and I picked my favorite and my best guess at Aaron’s favorite.

Here are all of the entries.

I picked this one for Aaron’s favorite.  It says “Daddy’s Little Broccoli”.  I thought it was cute.  I think Angie decorated this one.  Aaron picked his favorite when we got home it was the one that said “Tax Deduction”.

This one was my favorite. It says “Plato’s Best Bud”.  Turned out my mom decorated it!

I loved this! These cards are letters from friends who were there and some who couldn’t make it.  They offered kind words, advice, poems, quotes and special experiences on being a mother. Thank you to everyone who took the time to do this.  It means so much to me.

This is my long time friend Stacy Lynn, who gave birth to her second little one, Hadleigh just three weeks ago.  Doesn’t she look amazing! I’m so glad you could make it Stace!

Here is beautiful little Hadleigh.  I had so much fun holding her.  I just couldn’t put her down.   I can’t wait to hold Zimmerbaby l like this.

They made a neat chart where everyone guessed what time of day Zimmerbaby would be born and what sex they think it will be.  My guess is a boy at 7:17pm.

Present Time!!  We got our changing table pad from Stacy & Kelly.

A cute little pillow to leave for the Toothfairy someday from Fran.  It says “Z Baby” on it. Too cute!  Sorry I didn’t turn it around so you could see the front.

A cute little pacifier holder from Sue.

Who doesn’t love a Target gift card. Ooooh!

My mama taping the events for us.

Shelves for the baby’s room from Angie.  I can’t wait to start decorating the walls now!

I need to explain the next one a bit.  Aaron decided to throw in a surprise gift.  He loves Star Wars.  Since we found out we were expecting he has been talking about how the baby needs a Star Wars mobile.  I never thought he was serious. Well…

I looked in the box and could not believe it.
He actually made it.

A Star Wars mobile.

Complete with Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2 & Boba Fett.  It was so funny!

Katie got us an adorable onesie that says “Tree hugger” on it.  Because, well, we are.

This one needs a lead in as well.  When Katie was expecting her first child, Carter, Carrie and I bought her a “mom” necklace.  She saved it until she gave birth before wearing it for the first time.  When Carrie was expecting her first, Emerson, Katie and I gave her the same necklace.  She too waited until she gave birth to wear it for the first time.  And so the tradition continues…

The necklace says mama in four different languages.  English, French, Spanish and Italian. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to put it on for the first time.  Thank you both so much!!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this shower special. I truly enjoyed it. Thanks to those who could make it and those who couldn’t. All of the small details really made the day extra special. Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

34 week belly pic

Here we are at 34 weeks. Lots of moving and hiccups going on. I got to hold my friends teeny little 3 week old baby this weekend. She’s only 6ish pounds. It was so interesting to me to feel her movements and how similar they are to Zimmerbaby’s. Their movements are very soft and graceful. It was so cool.

34 weeks old

Hi Everyone it’s Zimmerbaby. I’ve recently started playing a little game I like to call bounce. Basically I use my arms and legs to push off and bounce downward onto the spongy thing my head rests against. It is loads of fun. Occasionally it will elicit a strange noise that sounds like “Ouch”! But i’m not sure where the sound actually comes from.


Ok, now waddling is one thing.  But clumsiness seemed to me to be a stupid excuse that pregnant women made for themselves.  Perhaps it still is.  But I swear something strange is going on.  I am normally a very anal person, especially when it comes to eating.  As my stomach has grown so has my ability to spill food on it.  I don’t know what it is.  I try so hard to be careful and I end up with food on my stomach ALL THE TIME!  It is so annoying.  I used to make fun of Aaron because he is such a sloppy eater.  Now the tide has turned and I’m way worse than he is.  I don’t get it.  On top of that, I drop things all the time.  I drop my phone, my water bottle, keys, everything!  I also bump into doorways and corners a lot but I always did that.  It’s possible I’ve just come in to a particularly clumsy phase in my life right around the time that I became pregnant but I feel like it is more than mere coincidence.  Either way it is quite frustrating and slightly embarrassing.  Spray & Wash and I have become good friends.

Embracing the Waddle

I have begun to waddle when I walk.  For some reason I believed that I would not need to waddle when I walked as a pregnant person, despite the fact that most women waddle when pregnant.  I’m not really sure why I thought this.  For a while, I have tried to avoid the natural desire my body had to sway slightly from side to side.  It actually takes some concentration and effort to walk straight. It really is more uncomfortable to try to walk straight than to just walk naturally swaying the way my body wants to.  I know that scientifically, our bodies waddle because our hips and joints are expanding in preparation for the oncoming delivery.  I suppose I considered myself a scientific anomaly. As my body continues to grow and every little thing becomes increasingly more uncomfortable and challenging, I’ve decided to give up the fight and embrace the waddle.

33 week belly pic

Here we are at 33 weeks. Getting closer. The photography process each week is kind of fun. My friend and co-worker Elise takes my pictures each week, usually on Friday. There is an art form involved in belly shots. Especially when your subject is picky. She is so thoughtful always making sure the belly looks good. For the first half of the pregnancy our focus was always making the belly look “bigger”. Now it’s making me not look gigantic. I’ll try to remember to put a picture of her in the post next week. I thought I’d throw in the out take of me laughing at something funny she said this week just for fun.

Small acts of kindness

I am so fortunate to have Aaron in my life.  He cooks for me when I’m too tired at the end of the day, pretty much everyday. He lets the dog out so I don’t have to get up.  He rubs my back when it hurts.  He fills my car up with gas.  He changes the cat litter.  He carries anything and everything heavy around the house so I don’t have to. He doesn’t complain that the snoogle and I take up 2/3 of the bed every night. He even ties my shoes because it is so hard to reach.  I can’t imagine going through this journey without him. He is my rock. For all of the small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness he performs on a daily basis, I am forever grateful.

33 weeks old

Hello from Zimmerbaby!  I’m doing well this week.  Kicking and punching as usual.  You know I think I’m starting to put on a little weight.  My arms and legs are starting to look a little plumper these days.  Hopefully I won’t put on too much or  think my cave might pop.  I seem to be running out of room.

Not Suitable For Pregnancy

I believe there should be special warnings for pregnant women on TV.  I’m not talking about labels on alcohol bottles, food and medicine.  They should warn us before showing a particularly sappy love drama, a story with a sad ending, anything with puppies or children dying or gruesome scenes of women in labor.  My crazy hormones make it so easy to cry at the drop of a hat.  I cried this morning on my way to work listening to that Taylor Hicks song Romeo and Juliet. Seriously.  And its a happy song.  A warning would have been particularly helpful prior to the series finale of ER tonight.