High School Buddies

Last night I got together with two of my best friends from high school, Carrody and Hayley. Hayley and I have been pretty good at staying in touch. Carrody and I have kept up from time to time over the years but it had been a long time. We randomly ran into each other several months ago at Babies R Us and found out we were both pregnant. We’ve been trying to get together ever since. Last night we finally did. Here is a pic of our growing bellies. She is 37 weeks and I’m 25. Unfortunately Hayley was behind the camera so we didn’t get a shot of her. It was so great to see you both!  Side note, I think i’ll not be wearing this sweater again.  Yikes!

25 weeks old



Hello again from Zimmerbaby! You know, it seems as though my skin is quite wrinkly.  It folds all over the place.  Hopefully it won’t be like this forever.  As I go about my day I flip all over the place, but I’m starting to get a sense that there is a force, if you will, that helps me tell the difference between up and down.  I am starting to prefer to rotate one way or the other more than just free floating in any direction that feels best.  For some reason upside seems to feel nice.  Yes, I think I am starting to prefer that position.  We’ll see though. 

Goodbye Corolla, HELLO Highlander!



Well my poor little 95 Corolla decided to kick the bucket on Thursday.  So we decided to go ahead and buy a “family” sized car a little bit earlier than planned.  For the past year I couldn’t have given a rip about this little toothpaste green car.  But having to say goodbye, I found myself a teeny bit sentimental.  The Corolla and I have been through many trips to Graceland, Chicago and Ohio and back.  We’ve been through a lot together.  I was a sad day to say the least.  But exciting at the same time because we bought a shiny new Highlander. 

24 weeks old

Hello Zimmerbaby here. Not a lot going on lately. The cave is getting tighter. I’m finding it is difficult to maneuver myself around without bouncing on the walls a great deal. I’ve started to notice that I can taste. Suddenly things that flow in and out of my mouth have a slight flavor to them. This new added bonus certainly makes life a bit more interesting in here.