As you can see Elijah’s two bottom teeth have come in.  They are so cute!  His top two are working their way in as well but I haven’t been able to grab a shot of them yet.  He has started grinding them together.  It’s an awful sound, like nails on a chalkboard.  I hope it doesn’t last. 🙂  We are enjoying all of the drool and discomfort that accompanies teething.  The best solutions I have found are good teething toys, and a cold bottle of juice or pedialyte.  He loves to gnaw on the cold nipple with his gums.

9 months old

I have officially become a bad blogger. I am so sorry.  Here are Elijah’s 9 month pictures 16 days late.  What can I say, we’ve been busy.  His bottom two teeth are about halfway in now. He’s scooting forward all over the place on his elbows and belly and has the rug burns to prove it.  Every once in a while the knees go up but he hasn’t figured out how to get his hands up too.  He can pull him self up to standing in his crib but usually falls over.  He loves bath time.  As soon as I go near the tub he leans over to get in.  His new favorite thing is to splash the water.  He likes to hit tables or any hard surface with his hands like he’s drumming well the same goes for the surface of the water.  The progression of pictures is a great example of how these sessions go.

Sitting nicely in my chair with my monkey.  Yay everyone is looking at me.


Hmm, what’s this? A monkey, hurray!


Come here you monkey.img_4414

I’ve got a monkey hand.


Bored with the monkey and ready to explore.


Ooh a table!