Houston Vacation 2010

We went to Houston this summer where Aaron’s uncle Mark, Guy’s brother also known as Uncle Monkey lives.  We all stayed at a lake house on lake Conroe and did a lot of skiing and tubing.

Elijah and I below in the water.  He hated this life jacket.


Uncle Mark skiing.  He is pretty good, but he’s no Carl Hoyt.


Aaron had never gone skiing before.  If you’ve ever gone before you know it’s a bit tricky at first.  Here he is waiting to go.


Coming up for the first time…


And wiping out.  To be fair he had a few good rides between the first try and this fall.  Here he was attempting to drop a ski.  He actually bruised his ribs really badly.  Great pic though eh?


I thought it was really impressive that I took one hand off.  Not so much I guess.


Tubing was a bit boring so we started a competition with Aaron’s sister Rachael and her boyfriend Tyler and kept trying to out do each other.


Standing up, not as easy as it looks! Not bad.


We attempted a piggy back but couldn’t get much higher than this.  I don’t have pictures of everything but they definitely won. I am a chicken.


To end the show, a toe touch.


Grandma Janet and an unhappy Elijah.  These life vests can keep a kid afloat should they fall off but they pretty much can’t move or have any fun.  It was so heavy if we let him stand up he’d fall backwards because of the weight of the vest.


Beautiful sunset from the deck.


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