60th Anniversary Concert

My grandparents, Alan and Gladys Tyree, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in November.  60 years. That’s double of my entire lifetime. Wow.

In lieu of a big party they, being of like musical minds and talents, decided to put on a concert for friends, family and anyone who wanted to come.  It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon at the stone church. I love that Elijah and Oliver were able to see it, though Oliver slept through most of it. 🙂

Aaron’s grandparents, Carol and Jack Ergo came down too. Elijah and Oliver, the first set of grand kids on both sides with their Great Grandparents.

Oliver with Aunt Rachael and soon-to-be Uncle Tyler

Oliver and Great Grandpa Alan

Elijah and Great Grandpa Jack

I love this photo. Grandma Janet holding Oliver with Elijah and Grandpa Guy in the background.


Weekend in New York

Aaron and I took a trip to New York to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary thanks to a very generous gift from Janet & Guy!

Day 1: We walked around a lot the first day checking out midtown Manhattan. Below Aaron is checking out Times Square.


We ran into an old friend and had to take a photo for Elijah. As soon as we took this Elmo insisted that we tip him.  Should have seen that one coming.


We decided to see a matinee performance of Wicked. It was incredible!



In the evening, the stars aligned and we were able to get tickets to see a concert at Carnegie Hall presenting several of Steve Reich’s pieces that had been sold out for months.  One was a premiere of a piece he wrote about 9/11.


Day 2: The next day we had the most amazing breakfast at a little French cafe called Maison.


I’d been craving a croissant and was delighted to find a delicious, authentic French croissant!


Happy me!


Then took a tour bus all around downtown to see the sights. It was the perfect day to sit on the top deck of a bus and drive around. There was a bike race that day and so the bus was rerouted a bit. We ended up getting to see a lot more of ground zero than the tour normally does.  This is one of the new towers being built.


This piece of art in battery park was pulled from the wreckage in a ball just like this.



After lunch, another matinee Broadway performance. This time we went to see The Book of Mormon. It is a brand new show by the creators of South Park. Aaron is a big fan of South Park and was so excited to see it. Afterward, he couldn’t stop smiling.



In the evening we took a dinner cruise aboard the Bateaux. It was lovely! This is our boat.


Fancy plate.


Sunset on the stern.


My hot date!


Photo turned out weird, but this was our table by the window.


Off the stern after dark. Again weirdness with lights.


View from our table.


Lady Liberty!


After this we headed back to our hotel room to find out about the death of Bin Laden. It was crazy! We’d just seen ground zero 12 hours before.


Day 3: The next morning we took a tour of the NBC studios.  We saw the Nightly News Desk where Brian Williams had been on the night before. It was very cool. I love NBC! Below, looking up at 30 Rock.


View from the Top of the Rock of Central Park


View of the Empire State Building.



Our last stop was at MOMA. Below is a cool cloud piece.


Starry Night, for Guy.


Exhausted from a fun but jam packed weekend we waved goodbye to The Big Apple and headed home to see our sweet little boy!


Thanksgiving in BG

We spent Thanksgiving in Bowling Green, Ohio with Aaron’s family this year.  Plato and Great-Grandma Carol hit it off immediately! They were buds the entire weekend.


Grandma Janet and Elijah in matching red sweaters.


I made this birthday cake for Guy. He loves coffee and it was the Michigan Ohio State game day.  Not my best work, but it tasted good!



Someone made the mistake of letting Elijah play with the popcorn kernels.  It made a huge mess but he had a blast.


We stopped by the library where Janet works so Elijah could play with the train table.  Trains are his FAVORITE! Especially Thomas the Tank Engine.



I think Aunt Rachael was making cookies and decided to make one of Elijah’s handprint. It looks like she’s about to cut him but it was the back end of a spoon.




Helping to decorate the Christmas tree.



KC Summer Trip – Deanna Rose

This summer we visited my family in Kansas City.  One day we took a trip to Deanna Rose, a great big petting zoo with lots of animals.  It is great for little ones.  Elijah wasn’t quite as interested in the animals as he was in walking around on the ground.  Next time should be more fun now that he’s a bit older.

Elijah and Daddy

KC Trip September 2010

Yeah, this goat is eating my skirt. It was gross. He wouldn’t let go.

KC Trip September 2010

KC Trip September 2010

Clearly a fence is more interesting than a goat.

KC Trip September 2010

With Aunt Rachael, who came down from Graceland for the day.

KC Trip September 2010

Ridem Cowboy!

KC Trip September 2010

KC Trip September 2010

Houston Vacation 2010

We went to Houston this summer where Aaron’s uncle Mark, Guy’s brother also known as Uncle Monkey lives.  We all stayed at a lake house on lake Conroe and did a lot of skiing and tubing.

Elijah and I below in the water.  He hated this life jacket.


Uncle Mark skiing.  He is pretty good, but he’s no Carl Hoyt.


Aaron had never gone skiing before.  If you’ve ever gone before you know it’s a bit tricky at first.  Here he is waiting to go.


Coming up for the first time…


And wiping out.  To be fair he had a few good rides between the first try and this fall.  Here he was attempting to drop a ski.  He actually bruised his ribs really badly.  Great pic though eh?


I thought it was really impressive that I took one hand off.  Not so much I guess.


Tubing was a bit boring so we started a competition with Aaron’s sister Rachael and her boyfriend Tyler and kept trying to out do each other.


Standing up, not as easy as it looks! Not bad.


We attempted a piggy back but couldn’t get much higher than this.  I don’t have pictures of everything but they definitely won. I am a chicken.


To end the show, a toe touch.


Grandma Janet and an unhappy Elijah.  These life vests can keep a kid afloat should they fall off but they pretty much can’t move or have any fun.  It was so heavy if we let him stand up he’d fall backwards because of the weight of the vest.


Beautiful sunset from the deck.