Oak Park

I’ve been promising a post on our new neighborhood and here it is, finally.  This is in front of our townhome.  We are the door on the right and the gate is to our little porch/patio area.  The door on our left is our awesome new neighbors. More about them later in the post.

It is a huge complex of townhomes like ours. This is a view looking down the sidewalk in front of our home.

This is a view around the corner where the dogs get to “go”.

This is our view of Lake street, a main district in Oak Park.  I’m standing directly in front of our complex looking down Lake street.  There is a movie theatre, every kind of restaurant you can imagine and lots of fun shops.

A few blocks down is the Oak Park public library.  It is fantastic!  Elijah and I have been to a few story times at the library.  He loves them!

This is another district in Oak Park called The Avenue just a few blocks down from our complex.  It is great too!  There is a fantastic children’s toy store called Gepetto’s Toy Box.

Here we are in the park pretending Plato is a horse.

Remember the other green door? Well it turns out we have really cool neighbors.  We have so much in common.  They have a dog and 9 month old.  They use cloth diapers and had a home birth too!  Crazy huh?  We all went to the park one day to play.  Here is their adorable son Jackson playing with Elijah.  Apparently he is quite the ham and loves to have his picture taken.

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