12 months old

This is a bit late but here are Elijah’s 12 month pictures with the monkey.  He is more mobile everyday and taking a few unassisted steps here and there.  He is saying a few words, mama, dada, duck (guck), dog (gah), book (kah).  He mostly says the second syllable of the word. He loves to read books and turn the pages.  The Spot books are a big hit right now b/c of the flip up parts.  He loves to open and close things and to turn off light switches.   He still loves to drum and pound on the piano and loves it when Aaron plays the guitar.  He likes to pound on the side while he plays.  He LOVES dogs, especially Plato and likes to pull on his ears when he gets the chance.  He is starting to notice other animals when we are out on walks, squirrels, bunnies, birds. Ducks are his favorite toy animal, we haven’t come across any real ducks yet.

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