A Kansas City Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving in Kansas City with my family this year.

Elijah was beyond excited. This was the morning we left. He grabbed his backpack and announced that he was “ready to go” as soon as he woke up.

It was wonderful to see family again. We played musical Oliver.

  Mary & Kevin had baby Hayden a month or so after Oliver was born. So we had a little baby party.


Elijah hangin with Daddy.

Fall Fun in Bowling Green

We took a weekend trip to Bowling Green in November. It was hard to believe we hadn’t been there since New Years.

Elijah had lots of fun playing in the leaves with Grandma and Grandpa.

We visited a children’s garden.

City park has a great playground. He could have stayed all afternoon.

Oliver met his great grandma Carol and great grandpa Jack for the first time. They brought a present for Elijah and Daddy, matching workmen’s gloves.

First sink bath

Adoring grandparents.


Halloween was lots of fun this year with Elijah. He dressed up as a monkey again. The costume still fit, barely.  

Elijah next to his pumpkin. He carved it with Grandma Janet.

Little Oliver hung out with Grandma in the Moby. He basically slept though the fun.

Our little monkey.

Knock, Knock, Knock.



Backyard Harvest

This spring we planted a bunch of vegetables in a garden in our backyard. We were excited about all of the delicious, organic vegetables we would enjoy. Apparently, the chipmunks were too. For the majority of the summer they ate the flowers before they could turn into vegetables. The tomatoes never had a chance to turn green before being devoured. It was very very sad. Toward the end of the season, a few things managed to survive the chipmunks. This was the final harvest before the weather turned. We picked off all of the tomatoes green and let them ripen in the window.

You can see the scratch marks on the eggplants where the chipmunks tried desperately to take a bite.

They also devoured our pumpkin on Halloween. Not cool Alvin, not cool.

Pumpkin Patch

We headed to the pumpkin patch in October for our second annual trip with the Fulkerson-Smith’s.  This year we stay much closer to home.

Family photo! Oliver slept through the whole thing!


The Fulkerson-Smith clan (Kelin, Brett, Jackson & Kennedy)


The boys rode the train with Aaron & Brett.


The boys are always willing to hug on command. It’s adorable.

Playing in the hay.

Jackson climbed up a huge slide all by himself! The kid has no fear!

Bounce house!