Warm weather at last!

We had our first warm weather day of the season last Sunday. We ate breakfast on the patio and busted out Elijah’s water table that he got for Christmas.  Boy did he have fun!



After lunch, our friends and former neighbors the Fulkerson-Smith’s came over. Jackson and Elijah had a blast with the table.


Visit with Friends

Our Oak Park neighbors came to visit our new house. Elijah loves baby Kennedy. He is so curious about her and such a helpful boy. He will be a great big brother!


Buddies Jackson and Elijah eating lunch in the new house. Check out all of those boxes!



We moved out of our town home in Oak Park in March and into a house in Naperville! Elijah and Jackson had fun playing in the boxes all over the house as we packed. Worst part about leaving Oak Park…moving away from our AWESOME neighbors. 🙁



Valentine’s Day Cookies

Elijah helped me make some Valentine’s Day cookies.  He had his very own rolling pin and cookie cutter.  It wasn’t long before he figured out how delicious the dough was and gave up on the rolling.



Elijah’s buddy Jackson came over to help us decorate the cookies.  Really all they did was eat the icing. They didn’t even eat the cookies, just the icing.  And then Elijah started ripping up the wax paper and Jackson thought it was the funniest thing. He laughed and laughed and then joined in the fun.


Mmmm, icing.


Blizzard 2011

Boy are we tired of the snow. We experienced our first blizzard this year. This was the view out our front door. The photos really don’t do it justice. The mound up against the fence at the back of the photo is really a 2.5 foot tall flower bed.


Back porch, the lump on the right is a trash can. The snow almost came up to the top.


After they cleared the walkways the boys went out to play.



Aaron attempting to build a snow wall.


We would later bury him in this position.


Thank goodness it is finally starting to melt. I think it will be another month before it is all gone.


Mom and Dad’s Night Out

Aaron and I had a fun night out in Chicago for his company holiday party.  The party was at Rockit Bar downtown. They brought in dueling pianos and Aaron got to play a few songs. I included a link below to one of the videos. I’ll try to figure out how to get the player to appear.  He did such a great job.  The company even bought everyone hotel rooms in the city. It was a fun night to be among adults! Elijah had fun back at home with Grandpa Guy and Grandma Janet.


Aaron Playing Piano at Holiday Party

Hoyt Visit

Elijah and I took a quick trip to the Quad cities to visit one of my BFF’s Katie and her family.  I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures but we had a lot of fun. They have so many toys. Elijah was in heaven!Hoyt Visit

Tristan on the John Deere with matching t-shirt of course!

Hoyt Visit

We went apple picking on an unseasonably warm fall day.

Hoyt Visit

Carl and Carter watching football. Carter was very helpful with Elijah.  All of her boys are so sweet. I can’t wait to go back when we can stay longer.

Hoyt Visit